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LTCLeads.com offers the Long Term Care Insurance professional quality leads from individuals actively searching for long term care insurance information.

Please take a moment to understand the value of an LTCLead as they are not general leads based on probable interest.... These are leads from people who have specifically requested to be contacted about long term care insurance.

What we offer:

  • Exclusive use of leads for your area.
  • Select Leads based on zip codes
  • You receive leads in real time - while they're still hot!
  • Consumers are given your contact information so they'll expect your call!
  • Pay for performance - you only pay for leads that we send - no monthly fees, and you never pay for bad leads
  • Leads are pre-qualified - You know they're interested because they've requested to be contacted by you!
  • Read Client testimonials from our current customers.
  • Further information on our please review our complete terms of our sales lead program.

Take the first step now - Click Here To Apply. There is no obligation and you can check to see if your area is available.

Zip codes are allocated on a first come, first served basis to qualified LTC Professionals. If your preferred zipcode is already taken - please sign up for our waiting list by sending an email to info@ltcleads.com.

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