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Below are actual comments received from our clients.

Agent_Name: mark rooks
Lead_Number: 6298

Comments: Sold anotherone! Out of about 20 leads so far, I've sold 4 that
have yielded approximately $6700 in first year commissions. Great return on

Agent_Name: Gerald F Goodwin CLTC
Lead_Number: 6546

Comments: Wrote 150 X day comprehensive plan with lifetime benefits...
paid up in 10 years with 5% compound rider..age 41...
My first interview with your leads netted an annual premium of $2281...

Agent_Name: Matthew Perry
Lead_Number: 6560

Comments: Lead was generated by son of a 78 year old woman living in Texas.
Easy sale. Good commission. Thank you.

Agent_Name: Judy Meer
Lead_Number: 5400

Comments: Great lead and great sale. We'd like all of them to be like this
one. Thank you LTCLeads.com

Agent_Name: Ben Polis
Lead_Number: 5140

Comments: It is much easier to leave the home with a check when the
potential client is ready to buy. That is what LTCleads.com gives the agent,
a client that is done shopping and ready to buy.

Agent_Name: Daniel M. Crites
Lead_Number: 5054

Comments: one phone call made appointment.one appointment made sale.good
lead,they were well informed after seeing our web.Thanks Dan Crites

Agent_Name: James P. Martin
Lead_Number: 4649

Comments: I received this lead on 4-10-01 and emailed the lead the same
day that I would be in touch by telephone. I phoned two days later and
confirmed that I had a legitimate lead. Mailed my standard lead package.
Lead phoned me and made an appointment on 4-17-01 and sold the LTCi policy.
Will also sell wife when the Stock market improves and they feel a little
richer. I love your service. Can I subscribe to more areas?

Agent_Name: W J (Bill) Schwieder, CLTC
Lead_Number: 3682

Comments: I received the lead on 3/8 and took the app on 3/14. This was an
ideal example of the power of the internet. The applicant was qualified,
informed and prepared to make a decision on the carrier and benefit package.

Zip codes are allocated on a first come, first served basis to qualified LTC Professionals. If your preferred zipcode is already taken - please sign up for our waiting list by sending an email to info@ltcleads.com.

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