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LTCLeads.com is part of the ABCLeads.com network. We maintain specific long term care websites such as MrLTC.com and LTCinsurance.com. These websites help consumers learn their LTC options. They do not promote any companies, just generic LTC information.

LTC Lead Information

Our LTC Leads are completely exclusive. This means that each lead is sent to one insurance professional. We do not sell our leads to multiple agents. There is no competition between agents with our leads. We understand that you may not always be in front of your computer to recieve the lead information when it is generated. We can send the lead to your email, your phone, your fax number or you can log into your account and get the information.

Example LTC Lead

  • First name: John
  • Last name: Smith
  • Address: 123 Emmons Road
  • Address Part 2:
  • City: Norfold
  • State: MA
  • Zipcode: 23456
  • Daytime Phone: 235-978-5233
  • Evening Phone: 756-932-5234
  • Email: jsmith@msn.com
  • Best Time to call: after 5pm
  • Used Tobacco Products in the last year: No
  • Candidates Birthday: 03-05-1956
  • Spouses Birthday: --
  • Quoted Average cost of care:
  • Daily Benefit Desired: $200

LTC Lead Pricing

Our LTC leads are priced at $45.00. Remember, these are exclusive leads, sold only to you!

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