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Terms and Conditions

  • Upon acceptance of your application and receipt of payment you will receive exclusive use of the sales leads originating from the designated zip codes for marketing Long Term Care Insurance for a period of 90 days.
  • You agree to follow up on leads generated within that 90 day timeframe.
  • Sales leads generated and or distributed by LTCLeads.Com are the sole property of LTCLeads.Com and may not be resold or re-distributed under any circumstances.
  • You will notify LTCLeads.Com of any "bad-leads" by filling out the bad lead form at www.ltcleads.com/badlead.html. Once we verify that the lead is not valid - we will credit your account accordingly.
  • You will notify LTCLeads.Com of a sale resulting from a lead so that we may remove the prospect from our database.
  • Either party may terminate this agreement at any time by providing written notice. Upon termination, any outstanding balance must be settled and any credit balance will be refunded by check.
  • Users of these leads will hold themselves to the highest ethical standards. Misconduct or misuse of leads constitutes a breach of this agreement and will result in immediate termination.

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